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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mamak, Haymarket

Yep, it's everyone's favourite Malaysian: Mamak. Rarely will you ever see this place without some sort of a queue forming outside. And it's quite a sight, seeing the chefs masterfully twirl pieces of dough and transform it into buttery, crispy goodness. Well at least it just makes time fly while waiting outside. 

Kari Ayam 16

Chicken curry is hearty and delicious but nothing beyond the ordinary. Chunks of chicken were well cooked and potatoes give it a good bite and suck up all the flavours of the curry.

Kari Kambing 16

I love anything with the adjective slow-cooked. The lamb was tender and fall apart but again, nothing beyond the ordinary. Did have a real good thumping of chilli though.

Roti Canai 5.5

Roti here is crisp on the outside and soft in the inside and you really can't beat the 5.50 dollar price tag. Is it just me or is the sambal lacking heat? I guess in comparison to the curry, it seems pretty tame. I think it's actually better, you really get to taste all those flavours and fermination going on the the sauce without it being overwhelmed. Similarly, the curries lack heat but have big flavours.

Ayam Goreng 4 per piece

I could have buckets of these, seriously. They come steaming hot and moist and the skin is all blistered and crisp. Doesn't get any better than this.

Roti Tisu 9.5

Let the good things keep on coming. I think this is a must for any sweet tooth eating at Mamak. Arrival at our table was met with ooohs and ahhhs from surrounding tables. You can't help but be impressed. A tall cone the size of your head comes all crisped up and thin practically begging you to use your hands. It's actually real fun breaking it apart and hear that delightful crack. Underneath it hides sugar granules that really help give it extra crunch and little hits of salt which really gives it a boost. That and vanilla ice cream and you've got a smashing dessert.

You can't go in without ordering at least one roti from their numerous selections. It's what they do best. Oh and their fried chicken. But I remain adamant that with everything else, you're best choosing carefully. But any time you have those roti cravings into the wee hours in the morning, Mamak happens to open at 2Am  Friday and Saturday nights. Wouldn't be surprised to find a queue waiting outside though.

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I would very much com here for the roti and satay over the curry dishes.

Yeah! I didn't know any better. I don't think anyone does the roti there as brilliantly as Mamak.

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