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Monday, 12 November 2012

n2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown

Liquid nitrogen seems to be the current craze of 2012. It's been out for a while; chefs have been using it in nearly everything (exaggeration) but n2 extreme gelato can quite be credited with making it popular to the public. Nothing quite like seeing some smoke billowing from your gelato right?

There's a bit of theatre involved in the preparation of your frozen gelato; staff in lab coats and safety glasses pour one conical flask of liquid nitrogen and the other of the ingredients together and a serving of gelato becomes rapidly chilled in front of you. It's quite a spectacle and I bet that's half the the reason why people love the gelato so much.

Banana Peanut Crumble gelato 6
I went conservative that day. Peanut butter and banana gelato for me. All the while I kept thinking, am I stupid? Holy crap, is my stomach going to explode from all this gelato? You hear all the stories. You know it won't happen to you but it still gets to you. At least to me. When I got over it, it actually tastes really damn good. It's stickier and definitely creamier than normal gelato and the banana and peanut flavour really shone.

Sour Puss Lemon Sorbet 6
Eye poppingly sour, my brother seemed to really enjoy this. The sorbet was refreshingly light, perfect for a hot spring day.

Past Flavours

The gelato flavours are true to their name. What you buy is what you get. Mango sorbet? Nothing but mango, sugar and a gelatine stabiliser. And liquid nitrogen to freeze the gelato of course. In retrospect I should have probably asked what was in the fish gelato one that day but my forgetfulness got the better of me that day. Maybe an 'extreme' adventure for the brave some other time?

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Thanks for the great review!

Regarding the Fish Gelato flavour, it's basically the green tea gelato covered in peanut crumble (there's no fish!). We found, for some reason, that the oilyness of the crumble combined with the green tea flavour gave a kind of fishy taste (kind of like dried fish?). It's super strange, and not everyone tastes fish, but we thought it was cool enough to put it on our menu.

Production Scientist at N2

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