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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gardens by the Bay, Bay South - Singapore

I know this is a food blog but I can't not share one of the most remarkable places I visited in Singapore. Besides the Botanical Gardens west of the city, Singapore was pretty much a concrete jungle. That was until the end of 2011 until the middle of last year where construction finish on a new park called Gardens by the Bay. It boasts three main areas all with a horticultural garden focus. It has since become a national icon and hopes to inspire a theme of conservation on its citizens and the greater public.

Forgive me for the slight quality decrease as the post goes on. My camera died on me and I was forced to use my Ipod. This will be a mostly picture dominated post as there are only so many words you can use to describe this place. Do enjoy the pictures, I know I did while revisiting these memories.

Whilst there are three areas, most of the spectacle happens around the Bay South Garden. 

Super Trees

We begin in the 'Super tree' area which is hard to miss even if you're not in the garden itself.

Part steel. Part organic. All cool. They're a collection of hulking masses of tree-like structures that shoot up far above the gardens below. 

They're not all just good to look at. They serve to cool the surrounding gardens, provide shade, provide lighting and collect water with many of the functions mimicking real trees. 

For S$5, you're allowed to climb all the way up to and walk across the skywalk connecting 2 super trees above the garden. 

You're only allowed up there for a short period: 15 minutes to be exact but go during off-peak time and you're allowed limitless opportunities to immerse yourself into the scenery. 

It's absolutely worth it, just seeing the gardens down below as well as famous landmarks littered around like the Singapore flyer 

and Marina Bay sands hotel. 

Flower Dome

When you're done admiring the supertrees, there's another section called the flower dome that's as visible as the Super Trees from the outside.

It's a large expansive 2 story building/garden that's almost completely covered by gorgeous greenery.

Within the dome's garden is obviously plenty of flowers but you'll find many other species here as well.

They're all organised so that they match the type (e.g. cactus) or area (e.g. Australia) that they fall under.

What results is a beautifully cared after arrangement of flowers and occasionally we couldn't help but remark 'Hey, we grow that at home garden! But ours died'.

Cloud Forest

I've saved the best until last. Unfortunately this is when my camera died. What immediately meets you is the sudden increase in humidity as you enter the room as well as the large crashing sound. You wonder what it is by looking up and then it hits you, you're underneath a man-made waterfall with a garden wrapping itself around it. Water vapors hang around the top and hence the cloud part of the garden's name.

What's truly magnificent is the way flora adorns the pathway up to and around the mountain. 

It's quite a beautiful view that rewards those who make their way up. You can see that parts of the garden are still under further construction.

As you come back towards the ground, you'll find that it's mostly ferns 

and of course little flowers.

Well there you have it; a hopefully exciting preview that will spark your interest into visiting this ever growing beautiful garden.

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