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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog


Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Eveleigh Markets, Darlington

Everyone hates waking up early. Nothing better than snuggling in for an extra hour under warm blankets especially winter time. But you then start that phase in your life where you wake up early and you suddenly realise you've been missing out all this time. You catch those rare glimpses of the sunrise, you're able to chuck in a run before breakfast, you get that extra hour or two cram session, you just get so much more done. It's true that the early bird catches the worm and I certainly wasn't going to miss out on the worm that is the Eveleigh Markets. That didn't really make sense.

Eveleigh Market's is a foodie paradise. Passionate growers and bakers left, right and centre that know their produce inside out. It's an absolute joy hearing the stories behind how they grow about it and they're more than happy to tell you about it. It's just beautiful feeling the vibrancy emulate despite a moody early morning and you really start feeling the warmth and generosity. Enjoy this mostly photo post. I know I did looking at it again.

 Billy Kwong

Steamed Savoury Pancakes with Vegetables and Egg 10

Kylie Kwong comes here every Saturday morning to run her store here with great success. Nearly everyone here has a Chinese style omelette in hand and it's not hard to see why. Not the biggest fan of raw carrot and bean sprouts and it didn't change here but you have to appreciate the meticulous julienne of the vegetables that really highlights the texture and freshness. A really healthy way to start the day.

Gumnut Chocolates

 Colombian Coffee Connection

 Terra Preta Truffles

Truffle season is upon us and these little beauties come at 25 dollars every 10 grams which would make the above truffle nearly 2400 dollars. It's hard to avoid it's distinctive some what garlicy earthy aromas sourced directly from NSW and it draws big crowds.

Moobi Valley

Houdi Sanga: Black Angus Scotch Fillet sandwich
The boys on top run a carnivores delight. I've been wondering what Tony Bilson has done and apparently he's been working with a partner Scott Wilson bringing pre cooked gourmet meats to the markets. Visit http://www.tonybilsonathome.com/ for more info.

They do a mean steak sandwich, a little chewy but the meat speaks for itself; so flavour packed full of meatiness that it stands up against the barbeque sauce overload.  

Everyday Goodness Company

The fragipanis here were light and nutty and not too sweet, the perfect breakfast food. The lemon one here had a really enjoyable balanced tartness that was incredibly delicious.

Parker's Organic Juices

3-50 for a bottle of sparkling juice isn't exactly the priciest juice, especially when you factor in how good it actually tastes. Lightly carbonated and packed full of fruit juice, it's the perfect pick me up.


Kimmyowimmie, what's your dog doing all the way at Redfern? And did it lose weight...

He's having fun

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