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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Fish Shop, Potts Point

Boy, Merivale really is building up quite an impressive collection of restaurants. This is like what... the 10th? CEO Justin Hemmes really has a talent of spotting well... talent. He's hooked in a big fish in acclaimed British chef Jeremy Strode and has since then create 2 restaurants with him; Bistrode CBD and the newly opened Fish Shop. My friend and I literally walked a circle around the City the other day go from Newtown to Potts Point and pretty much back and around it and we ended up at the Fish Shop.

It's a restaurant that sells... well you guessed it: fish, located in quiet suburban part of Potts Point with the sign slightly covered by trees. 3 things that typifies any Merivale restaurant is the big name chef, loads of booze and masters of restaurant renovations. They haven't missed a step here at all: Jeremy Strode's confidently in the kitchen occasionally even coming out to deliver the food with of course fish being the main star, there's a giant wine rack with an extensive well considered aperitif list that accompanies it on request and the restaurant looks top notch. 

It certainly looks the part with lots of exposed wood, ropes and nets, sails and hooks.

There's an open kitchen at the back where you can see all the action happening. It's a well oiled ship (all this sea discourse... I can't help it!).

It's the little touches, however, that win it for me like the child friendly colouring stencil, a menu with little bits of info about fish and decorated plates that makes it really casual and interesting.

Sydney Rock oysters 2.7 ea
We start off with the freshest oysters accompanied by a bit too generous jar of balsamic vinagrette. They were small and sweet and came with a decent amount of brine.

Polynesian raw kingfish 13
The kingfish has a gorgeous texture; it's creamy and beyond tender and it has a wonderful mouth feel. It's missing a lot of the zing and zip that even the tiny wedge of lime didn't provide but I suppose it's because I was incorrectly expecting a ceviche.

Petuna smoked salmon sandwich 9.5
We also order a simple light fish sandwich consisting of smoked salmon and the usual accompaniments of capers, dill and creme fraiche.

Crumbed fish, bacon & chilli burger 18
Wowee their burger is really something. It's just all sorts of deliciousness; you get the salty smokiness from the slight charring of the bacon, soft bun, kewpie mayo, a thick meaty crumbed fillet of fish, a good thumping of chilli from the sriracha and jalapenos. It really is the real deal. With fish burgers like these, who needs wagyu patties?

Quinoa & fetta tabouleh 6.5
Our side salad of tabouleh oddly came last whereas it would have felt more appropriate arriving with everything else like the fish burger. We just sat there eating salad but although I'm not a huge fan of feta, there's a lot of balance with this.

Aptly named The Fish Shop, it delivers on simple food with quality ingredients and you'd expect no less from a Merivale establishment. It would appear a tad over-priced but although you'd have better luck going to Pyrmont fish markets and getting the same quality for a fraction of the cost, you are paying for the much more desirable setting and of course the sustainability mentality at Fish Shop which is always a good thing. Their burger however, you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else quite as special. I can picture multiple visits in the future for that burger alone and maybe to try their signature fish and chips and other market specials.

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Beautiful design and great food.

There are lots of good restaurants at Potts Point that serve excellent menus. You will be satisfied with the taste and be relieved after taking a tour in the place. Business is booming in Potts Point that is why investors prefer to invest property there.

Richardson & Wrench

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