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Friday, 27 September 2013

Masterchef Food Truck, Street Sliders, Let's Do Yum Cha, Parramatta

Four different food trucks converged onto Parramatta Church street the other day and they were conveniently ones we haven't tried yet. 

Eat Art Truck

The EatArtTruck (also known as EAT) have recently transformed themselves into the Masterchef food truck bringing in standout dishes of the show.

Vern's Challenge Burger 12
The beef patty had a really good long flavour and whilst juicy and having a nice chew, it's lost a lot of that melting fatty quality a wagyu usually should have. On top of that, it's missing some pickles and cheese which would have given it much more flavour. It's not terrible, don't get me wrong, but it seems like slapping on a Masterchef logo automatically assures you of gastronomical enlightenment but I've learnt today it doesn't. It's a little sad knowing that Eat Art Truck have brought out some of the best food I've ever had like the shichimi chicken wings and beef buns and today's offering was a little average.

Street Sliders

I've had my eye on Street Sliders after stalking here and here but they're hard to get to because they're notorious for being almost Parramatta centric (lucky you) and I'm always elsewhere. They've got combo deals happening and the duo combo (2 sliders, a side and drink for 12.5) looks particularly appealing.

The burger action continues with their thankfully more exemplar selection of sliders. Chips have a great seasoning but are a little soft and soggy for my liking. Their sliders (mini burgers) are where it's at, however, and are truly stand out. 'Smoke' has some deliciously soft eggplant with mozerella, red onion, lettuce and a balsamic going on while 'Sancho' goes a little mexican featuring mashed avocado, a zingy corn salsa, pickled Jalapeno and sour cream. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that they are, quote, "mini flavour bombs".

Let's Do Yum Cha

Yep, it's pretty much yum cha on a truck. Let's Do Yum Cha were a group of caterers before they went into the truck business so they've got a bit of experience behind them. If you've got a knacking for Chinese and they're around, they're your best bet.

(from top to bottom) Chicken Dim Sim, Prawn and Chive Dumpling, Vegetarian Dumpling 2.5 each, 6 for 10
Dumplings are pre-steamed but not overcooked so the 'skins' generally have a bit of chew to them which is good. Flavours are nice although the combinations aren't beyond what you'd usually find in a normal store.

So that's a wrap.

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at least you got a taste of all 3 of those trucks. I can't keep up anymore, still wanting to try tsuru, veggie patch and urban pasta!

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