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Monday, 7 October 2013

East Village Gourmet Food Festival, Zetland

Last Saturday noon was the East Village Gourmet Food Festival. As part of the Good Food month of October, it promised to be a showcase of the Sydney food scene and that it did deliver. 

Entry is free and the sun was out so needless to say finding parking was hazardous. Located down on Joynton Park in Alexandria, the likes of places like Longrain, Salt Meat and Cheese, Gelato Messina and Veggie Patch (without the van) are featured in make shift tents ready to serve out food to the masses. There's also a live band down in the center ready to bust out some afternoon grooves.

This is the first time I've ever tried anything from Longrain. 

Yellow curry of Mirrool Creek spring lamb with pickled mustard greens, chilli &  coriander 16
They've got a mild yellow curry going on with super tender lamb chunks, a lively curry and some pickled mustard greens that works wonders loosening up the gentle heat and giving some freshness.

I wasn't expecting this dish by Foley Lane to be cold but it seemed perfect given the weather. 

WA braised octopus with lime aioli 13
They've really braised it down so it's wonderfully soft and tender, livened up with a generously sprinkling of basil and finished off with a simple tomato sauce. Lime aioli was missing but we didn't bother to ask them for some because it seemed good enough.

Fresh drinking coconut 5
Hot day begs for some hydration so Coco-go-nut's offering of coconut juice is the perfect way to go. 

Messina always do spectacular gelato and on a hotter day, it always tastes better. 

2 Scoops 7
It's easy to fall in love with the italian nougat; delicately creamy, almost honey flavoured ice cream is interspersed with various nuts while the mango gelato tasted spot on with its delicious sweetness.  

Piggy from Dan the Man
Salt Meats Cheese
The rest of the day was spent walking around. There's heaps to find and eat but not enough stomach space for it all sadly.

Really sad that I missed out on dinner under the stars with Longrain but there's always next year. Prices are admittedly a little dear but it's a really nice food festival and definitely worth visiting if you have the time. Until then.

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Argh the pig looks amazing! Such perfect weather on the weekend too!

didn't get a chance to visit but looks like i sure missed out!

wow! great place to hang around.. i love Piggy from Dan the Man

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