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Friday, 20 December 2013

Da Mario, Roseberry

The offspring of the hugely popular Pizza Mario, Da Mario has high expectations to live up to. They've recently opened up a store in Roseberry off the beaten path in the industrial area so it's a bit hard to get to but definitely something to check out.

Soak in the sun with their alfresco patio or seek refuge indoors, it's one of the many choices here. Its sprawling interior boasts a spacious exposed concrete setting, hanging plants and waiters thick with Italian accents. Visible roof beams and a splash of light colours complete the modern industrial look. 

crocchette di patate 9 for 3
We start off with a few potato croquettes, sort of like big crispy tatter totts filled with a pool of delicious creamy mozarella. Forget your health, good luck trying to stop at one with these little beauties being so good. 

partenopea 20
The pizzas here are effortlessly delicious. Take their partenopea for instance with their one-two salty hit of pitted olives and anchovies getting the mouth watering for the cream and crunch combo of mozarella and scrumptiously risen dough. 

spaghetti mare 24
It's easy to forget that there's more to this place than pizza here, but then you'd leave regretting. Their pasta selection is simple enough but boasts in-house pasta. We get some seafood action going on with their spaghetti which was a joy. Strings of al-dente pasta slurp up a concoction of balmain bugs, shavings of yellow squash and green zucchini and tomato sauce. It's simple but intensely robust flavours will have you licking up the plate in a giffy.

fagioli con tonno 14
We didn't forget our health entirely with their salad of flaky mackerel, sweet onions and little morsels of cherry tomatoes and creamy beans. It's the quality of the oil that brings it all together into a satisfying contrast to our meal. 

Da Mario is a welcome sight in comparison to the usually overly oily and seasoned notable pizzerias. The flavours are classical, techniques are traditional which sits in contrast to the contemporary interior. I love Italian food. This place epitomises what good Italian food is, simple, robust and flavoursome. There's no messing about here, this is the real deal. 

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i loved pizza mario so cannot wait to try the mother restaurant! Though i wish it was more accessible for me lol

The pizzas look great! The bases look so light and fluffy!

Okay, I really need to go here! That pasta also looks pretty amazing too!

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