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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pinbone, Woollahra

Pinbone has opened up with much attention thanks to their considerable list of pop-up dinners. They've finally got a permanent spot up and if you've haven't heard of them before, you might want to pop by their instagram to prepare your tastebuds. 

It's a small little fit out married by a nice little no-nonsense minimalistic style. You get a touch of personality with a couple of wall paintings but besides that, it's the food you have your attention on.

fregola, creamed corn, poached egg 18
You might bat an eye when I tell you this is the best breakfast related thing I've had this year. But it's true. It's bloody genuis. There's a certain meaty nutty quality about the fregola pasta (probably from the stock) which, when combined with the self saucing poached egg and sweet bursts of corn, really send you into a comfortable foody coma. Days like this you wish you lived in the city solely so you can have this every morning. Best. Breakfast. This year.

bacon, maple, pumpkin tart 14
Bacon and pumpkin tart was perfectly executed. You get the crispy flaky pastry, pumpkin and well bacon and maple are just best friends. You get a super punchy salad of mint, dill and chives on the side to cut through it all.

chocolate and quince tart 8
The chocolate tart in comparison was a beautiful shortcrust, sort of like buttery sand. The chocolate was velvety smooth with a soft layer of richly flavoured quince jam.

raspberry custard tart 8
We score another tart on the house thanks to the waitress which is a nicely made raspberry tart. You get a gorgeously sour and sweet raspberry sauce marbelled throughout creamy custard and the same tart.  

Service is similarly probably the best I've had for a cafe this year; relaxed and laid back, what more could you ask for so early in the morning. I'd be grumpy up that early in the morning. I hear they do a wicked dinner here so I might even consider bringing a couple of folks down. Still, nothing would make me happier than to have that fregola - egg - corn again. If only. 

Sorry for the slight delay in stuff coming out. Just came back from Tasmania with zero technology. Expect a big one.

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i absolutely LOVE pinbone! the fregola is amazing!

Ooh, you got me having my eye on that fregola!

umm... that bacon, maple, pumpkin tart is making me drool! wow.

Dear Neil,

Looks like the fregola is the go-to dish. I love poached eggs that are cooked well and I can imagine a rich, eggy and creamy sensation there.

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