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Monday, 14 May 2012

Noggi & Moochi, Strathfield

Chocolate and orange are a great match. So is chocolate and salt. Chocolate and peanut butter together are just insanely good. Chocolate and anything basically. Cold weather and frozen yoghurt on the other hand, not so much. Before Sunday I think I was the only one of my friends to have not tried froyo at Strathfield. Frozen yoghurt at either Moochi or Noggi that has to be the quintessential foodie experience in Strathfield besides Korean barbecue so I had to give it a try. The preference between Moochi and Noggi is quite possibly one of the most heated when it comes to food in Sydney. Being froyo noob and more of a good old ice cream enjoyer, I really don't add much to the debate but I have yoghurt on a daily basis so I guess that counts for something right?


Sunday afternoon and the line was surprisingly short. The last time I tried visiting both Noggi and Moochi and the line just seemed so unending that we gave up and went back home.

Stuck on what to get at Noggi, I called up a friend and she told me biscotti was her favourite. And hey what? Noggi were offering free mini froyo on Mothers' Day? Cooool. 

Unsure of the toppings, I asked my mum and she said get blueberries. I replied with "why"? to which she answered because the are usually expensive...... Asians.  I ended up on getting blueberries for both servings because they were really good.

I detected a small bit of an almondie flavour but most of the biscotti flavour was lost on me. 

I wasn't really feeling it that day at Noggi. The pomegranate was also lost on me. That however was partially due to the fact that my mum squeezed me a butt load of concerntrated pomegranate juice in the morning so that was probably why I tasted so little here in comparison. 

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Moochi is only a couple of blocks away so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone while we're at Strathfield? 

The allure of a neon blue and pink hue sucks us in to quite a crowded seating area. There is a buttload of toppings to choose from, double Noggi if i'm not mistaken. There are so many options are Moochi.

A TV in the background is a nice touch and the decor is much more considered here at Moochi. There's an element of childish whimsicality that is undeniably appealing and I can't help but be drawn in. 

Green tea was the choice of the day along with the Moochi signature: mochi. I love the stuff, the chewy texture and the neutrality of the flavour really boosts the green tea. It did have the requisite tang that I felt was non-existent in the Noggi variants that was delicious. 

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I honestly really can't tell which one I like more. There are discernible differences but each one comes with a multitude of good things about it. Being the decisive one I am, my gut is pulling me towards Noggi. 

The Moochi seating area is undeniably much better; the hit of welcome heat greets us immediately as we walk in and the ambience is much more enjoyable. Noggi's seating area pales in comparison however there's a lot more seats. The huge selection of toppings at Moochi puts it up there, however the froyo comes close to Noggi's quality but isn't quite there. Moochi's is lighter in comparison to the thicker and creamier density of Noggi's. Moochi's allow you to add toppings for an additional 50 cents each and that choice is much appreciated whereas Noggi's already have toppings included. A mini + 3 toppings at Moochi comes at $4.30 compared to the slightly more expensive $4.60 at Noggi and that 30 cents does get quite noticeable to an asian. In the end, the service and warmness at Noggi is what ultimately made me decide my winner. Noggi staff were incredibly helpful and almost unsettlingly over-enthusiastic. The free froyo at mother's day at Noggi has to be the cherry on top of the pie and I just felt Moochi were only a tad bit colder. 

In retrospect, I should of probably ordered the exact same things if I wanted to do a true comparison but one thing's for sure; despite the fact that considerable hype usual leads in disappointment, Moochi and Noggi pleasantly surprise. I haven't quite jumped on the whole fro-yo bandwagon but I see the whole appeal of the stores and will probably be back there soon for a breakfast muesli pick-me-up.

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i cant get enough of both! so light and good after a kbbq feast :)

@ tastyfoodsnaps. Thanks for reading and commenting! I couldn't agree more. Nothing better than cooling your kimchi burnt tongue with something cool.

In my opinion Noggi seems to be better than Moochi as the quantity is more making the extra 30c worth it. I went to Moochi a couple of time before i new Noggi and i have to say... Moochis froyo is quite nice but when i spooned inside, it was hollow :(
Noggi may have less toppings but the one at Moochie are very similar anyway as Noggi's have a different variety and the toppings are more fresh as i once dicovered mould growing over my conflake topping in Moochi,
I'm not trying to bag out Moochi, their froyo is quite good but i just had to say...

@ NotReallyAnnonymous. You've just effectively turned me off Moochi! But wow. Really? I'd have to agree and say I like Noggi slightly more however I think your bout of misfortune may have been just pure coincidence. Still, you're evidence is quite damning and even once just isn't good enough.

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