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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mr Pings, Parramatta

Scowl all you like, but after almost 21 years of having Chinese food, the last thing I want to see when I go out is Chinese food. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those guys who genuinely thinks mum's cooking is best but I just need something different. So when we rock up to the gazillioth Chinese eatery that week...

Located right next door to Parramatta Westfields, Mr Pings pulls in everyone, from suits, to shoppers but it's mainly a local asian crowd that fills up the seats. It doesn't have much in the way of ambience but it does have a slick black colour palate going on so I suppose that's a touch more than your average eatery but it's the window side hanging ducks that sends us into a frenzy.

Chicken Congee 8.8
The congee there is superb. Chicken is ridiculously tender and giving and you pretty much just get congee next with nothing else but I'm not complaining.

Fish Fillet, Preserved Egg and Coriander Congee 12.8
Fish congee is a little more lively with hits of fresh coriander super soft white fillets of fish and preserved egg. 

Deepfried Dough Stick 2.5
You Tiao or Chinese fried breadsticks are the perfect accompanyment, a mix and match of the clean qualities of congee with the unctuous crispiness of fried doughnuts.

Braised Seafood and Beancurd in Claypot 19.8
The seafood definitely was not fresh as you get that frozen resistance from the prawns but it's jam full of scallops, ling fillets and prawns with some bean curd to mop up all that delicious sauce. I'm happy.

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There's no wowing moments, prices are average and it's pretty much what you'd expect but the dishes are really tasty. Even though I've went on and on about not wanting Chinese food, my parents love this place which makes me love it so I guess everyone's happy.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Public Dining Room, Balmoral

Beach-side eateries are hot property this time of the year. Despite the weather being quite bi-polar, what with the threat of rain every second day, there's no shortage of beach goers making their way to the ocean for a good swim. What better than to eat right after a swim.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Popolo, Rushcutters Bay

They're everywhere. Pizzerias are as almost ubiquitous in the city as your garden variety frozen yoghurt store or Thai eatery. Popolo in Rushcutters Bay has managed to distinguish itself enough from the others since its inception earning a chef hat and a loyal following. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nomad, Surry Hills

Nomad. Now they've tickled my fancy for a long long while. Pickles, Mediterranean food, gutsy arrangements of sharing plates. Right up my alley.

House-made pickles line the restaurant. From the get go, you know it is, from top to tail, very much one of those modern industrial-looking 'hip' ones. 

Timber beams and ventilation pipes, man-sized barrels, open kitchen for the curious uninitiated to peer curiously into and bare tables. You know you're in one of those places. 

Oysters | cucumber, arak  5ea
Whilst it lacks the chilling properties of serving on ice, there's something about serving oysters on rocks and pebbles that makes it seem so natural. The oysters themselves are clean and pristine, served in a beautiful Tetsuya-esque vinaigrette.

Goats Cheese Churros | truffled honey 15
Looking a little thin and shrivelled, their churros hardly impress the eye but provide the perfect medium for which to dunk into zingy whipped curd and earthy sweet truffle honey.

Foie Gras & Chicken Liver Parfait | radish, Iranian plum 26
Second trip for my usual dining partner, she zeroed right into the chicken liver parfait without surprise. It's easy to see why, what with the super smooth and buttery parfait with a touch of foie gras luxury added in, house pickled radishes to nibble on and a sweet plum jam.

BBQ Lamb Ribs | quince, Nomad yoghurt 32
Now we can't seem to go past ribs. Ever. I think it's almost fair to say that no ribs will ever surpass Ms G's sweet and sour ones but these do a pretty good job of trying. The ribs are smokily charred and finished off in a sugary quince paste to give it an inviting caramelisation. The cooling neutrality of yoghurt assures we can continue to eat the unctiously tender ribs without feeling sick.

Beer Braised Shortrib | Nomad smoked cheddar, B&B pickles
Judging from passers-by, their shortrib burger (or bocadillo) seems like a popular order. We love it; shredded rib meat with their house-smoked cheese melting all over. Tart gherkins cut it right through and with a soft bun, you've got a meal you wouldn't want to share. 

Buttermilk Cream | cherries, sangria ice 14
I was thinking, hey guys chucking on whole cherries is a little lazy right? Silly me; they've subtly pitted the whole cherry without cutting a gaping hole so when you first bite in, you're pleasantly surprised. Clever, clever. In comparison to our mains, it's fresh with a boozy kick to the granita to soothe out much of the creamy richness of the pannacotta. With only 3 elements here, they sing in simple delicious harmony. 

Nomad is hot. Let's get that straight. The combinations are clever yet still work. What makes it different is their adherence to doing things from scratch, from curing and smoking to pickling. Sharp service and a good spacious area bring together what is a great space to dine and wine. 

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