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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog


Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Papi Chulo, Manly

Merivale's at it again with Coogee Pavillion opening. And I'm still here after all the hype has died finally going to Papi Chulo. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Malaysian Buffet @ Grace Hotel, CBD

I spent most of my time in Malaysia at the food court. At that time, I thought I was the cleverest cookie. Here I was thinking while all the chumps out there were having street food I was off eating Italian and Hot Star fried chicken. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Competition for Omnivore Festival


The lovely Karla Brown of Joval/Fizz Group has asked me to put up a competition for a Badoit Water Class and the Omnivore Festival. The first two people to (1) visit my blog at http://petit4s.blogspot.com.au/, (2) find the contact us button and (3) email me through there with your full details on the form will each receive 1 x full day double passes (for you and a friend) to the Omnivore Masterclass day worth 80 dollars. Each pass entitles you to all the cooking masterclasses and demonstrations you can fit in on that one day. 

Additionally, if you are able to attend on Friday at 3:20 pm, I am able to give you and your partner a separate VIP ticket for the Badoit Water Class which also provides the guests an opportunity to interact with the speakers and they also receive two complimentary Badoit/Plumm stemless water glasses. Before you email you need to make sure you're able to attend the day at the Australian National Maritime Museum (Sydney) either this Friday (3rd of October) or Saturday (4th of October) during the times of 10:30am until 4:00pm (you don't need to be there the entire time!). Further information can be found here: http://www.omnivore.com/sydney/world-tour/world-tour-sydney/masterclass/.  Sorry for the essay. Good luck!

Update: Competition over. Congratulations Richard Heng and Catherine Cheak. I will now contact you for how to proceed.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ippudo, Ultimo

 Chippendale's starting to become hot property these days. An abandoned ground close to two universities, Central station and smack back in the middle of the city. With the new shopping centre opposite UTS, it's as inviting as any, featuring a garden wall towering up and a nice clean new space as well as many shops. I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

Friday, 29 August 2014

4fourteen, Surry Hills

Colin Fassnidge is a technical marvel. He is epitome of the comfort food refined. Take my older post on Four in Hand: shockingly good roast chicken, swede soup and a clever clever crab taco. Then a deal came up on Dimmi with 50 percent off 4fourteen, the baby sister restaurant. Am I in? You betcha.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Otto Ristorante, Wooloomooloo

All Italian happens to fall in either two categories being mod Italian and old-school traditional. I love Italian. Mod Italian interpretations however, like anything 'mod', I'm a bit iffy about. When it works, it really gets you thinking long after the meal. When it doesn't, it's a disaster. Otto Ristorante happens to fall under the former but optimistic as always with fingers crossed and a long walk ahead of us to Wooloomooloo, off we ventured.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Mooberry, Neutral Bay

I'm going to chuck in a disclaimer for the record. I'm not head-over-heels with frozen yoghurt. Never have been. It's fresh and light but it's pretty much sour ice cream to me. Yes, I'm uncultured. Unlike yoghurt (geddit, geddit?!?!). But I'm honest so when I was asked for a sample with a friend, I knew at least one of us would be super excited.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I F@%#&?! hate spammers.

To all the poor peeps who received a spam message, you all deserve an apology. I am so terribly sorry. I clicked on an email from a trusted cafe (who got spammed as well) and next thing you know it, I have all these random sent spam mails. My blog email is still petit4s@live.com.au and I know I haven't been active in a while but look forward to more posts! So terribly sorry yet again.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Brewtown, Newtown

Not actually late to the party this time. Just a huge backlog of stuff I need to do. That aforementioned party is the huge social media driven attention that Brewtown is currently experiencing. Keen to check it out for myself and always happening to be around Newtown, off we went to hipster town. 

If you haven't heard of them already, Brewtown is hot news right now. Avid followers line up outside keen for their freshly fried batches of cronuts, roasted coffee and other simple breakfast items.
Corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs 15
We start off with potato hash, corned beef and eggs. I'm always looking forward to perfectly poached eggs but they definitely need to up their egg game because they were incredibly over-cooked.

Beetroot cured ocean trout with goat's cheese, caper berries and baby beets 16.5
Next up is a fresh little garden of watercress, sweet baby beets, salty caper berries and dill with sweet ribbons of ocean trout and creamy mild goats cheese thrown around. 

Squid ink linguine, garlic chilli prawns, kale and parmesan 18.5
Health nuts rejoice as the usual affair of squid ink pasta, parmesan and prawns is twisted up with the addition of kale. We love the touch of chilli at the end which brightens up an otherwise plain-jane dish.  

Cinnamon Cronut 4.5
Chocolate Crumble Cronut 4.5
Raspberry Jam Cronut 4.5
First time ever with cronuts and they're pretty good... for a fad (I adore macarons by the way so a little ironic). I think I set the bar a bit high but you get what you expect: a flakey layered doughnut. They're nice and crisp with simple toppings; perfect way to finish.

The food's top notch, the coffee's roasted and brewed up stairs and they've almost single-handedly fed Sydney's obsession with pastry hybrid. Matched with bright-eyed service, it's easy to see that the whole hype around is totally justified.

Brewtown Newtown on Urbanspoon

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Four In Hand, Paddington

And so flipping blogger decided to collapse on itself suddenly when I just finished this post and whatever I did to this post magically deleted itself. Starting from scratch at 2am in the morning while the adrenaline is still running. Not a good way to go. But I was keen to get this post out seeing as it's been a while since I actually went to Four In Hand. Which is brilliant mind you. The place where I had my first drink. And before that was a magnificent lamb shoulder. Ahhh the memories.

There's been a bit of remodelling done since the last time I've been here. The colour palette is the same; giant mirrors with their signature lamb shoulder written across it, the paintings and the stark black and white colour scheme but there's a certain cheeriness that the front house and comfortable seating arrangement injects into the mix. Naturally, we're never around Paddington so we opt for the decently priced 8 course chef's tasting menu for 135 dollars.

Butter is served in a cool marrow bone...

Oysters with Wakame
...and the oysters are brilliant with wilted wakame and arrive with shells covering the precious insides.

Amuse Bouche
An amuse of fish soup is wonderfully aromatic with touches of pungent citrus but it's rather one dimensional.
Crab Taco
However, crab taco sets the theme with a wonderfully imaginative mish mash of deep-fried pork skin, fennel and mayo with Alaskan king crab and we're instantly excited for what's the come.
Ham Hock Potatoes with House Bacon, Poached Scampi and Sea Herbs
I'm also not the most keen on anything pork related but this would make a solid argument on pro-pork. A deep salty broth, ridiculously tender scampi teamed up with super crispy pancetta and pork hock and baby new season potatoes cut right through with a scattering of foraged samphire and seaweed. Magic. 

Charred Lambs Tongue with Crisp Rib, Mint Jelly and Seared Cucumber
The smoky tongue and refreshing pickled cucumber and mint combo is almost as brilliant but the carnivore in me was crying out for a little more meat and a little less everything else.

Swede Soup with Pickled Seaweed and Mushrooms
Soups are a common thing here but I'm definitely not complaining. This one is a perfectly heartwarming thick swede soup with strewn mushrooms and wonderfully tart seaweed which cuts through all the richness.

Roast Chicken with Chicken Bread, Celeriac and Prunes
Usually one would bat an eye to anything reminiscent to a home cooked meal but Four In Hand nail their contemporary take on the Sunday roast chook. You get a marvelously tender breast, bread soaked up with chicken-y roasting juices, a rich little splodge of chicken liver parfait and little florets of broccoli to complete the dish.

Colcannon 10
Colcannon is like the decadent mashed potatoes you get at restaurants but Irished up with fennel, parsley and spring onions. It's rich enough that you'll want more but healthy enough that you won't feel bad doing so.

Milk Poached Veal with Braised Beef Brisket, Veal Tongue and Crisped Kale
Beef 3 ways is always very exciting to have served up to you. Backed up with crisp tempura-ed kale, shavings of wasabi like horseradish and dressed with its own juices, it's complete and comforting and very enjoyable.

We love the whole at the front table scrapping of their own rooftop honey. Not so much the left over wax that results from chewing it. 

Lemon Verbena Parfait with Vanilla Cucumber and Rooftop Honey
That aside, it's perfect, the aromatic verbena parfait with the cucumber oddly working, being neutral enough that it fits and adds to the deft lightness.

Licorice Poached Quince with Parsnip Ice-cream
Savoury vegetables in dessert continues with the last course but I don't quite get it this time. Salted crisps of parsnip, sugary quinces and licourice do work but I suffered from a little envy as a plate of 'chocolate and cornflakes' slides by our table and I craved a little something more normal.

Celebrity chef or not, Colin Fassnidge's Four In Hand hasn't missed a beat since the last time I've been here. For the newcomers, don't let the Fassnidge's whole nose-to-tail affair, which peeps out occasionally, intimidate you. Four In Hand, for the most part is wonderfully inventive and deeply comforting and yet refined and that's refreshing in a sea of pedantic nuanced fine diners. Straight bang in winter, there's no where else I'd rather be. 

Four in Hand on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Green Valley

Wake up -> Uni -> Tutoring -> Gym -> Sleep -> Repeat is pretty much how I spend the first 4 days of every week doing. Going out to eat fancy schmancy? Ain't nobody got time for that. Well occasionally. But most days of the week there's hardly any time and I'm sure most of us can agree. Menulog comes to the rescue here with their convenient online food delivery service to anyone who has a inch for convenient food without going down the path of fast fast food.

It's quite easy really. I ordered it through their website, filtering it down to ones available by delivery through my suburb in 'Bonnyrigg Heights Take-Away Restaurantsand then finding the right cuisine for the night. Indian? Only a click away.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Good Food and Wine Show, Auburn

A mostly picture post today. Food festivals are always big things in the year to me. It's a great opportunity to try new and often unique products from providores and it's always exciting to meet the people behind such products. A month out and I already have my agenda set out. Rachel's yoghurt. And cheese, cheese, cheese. And cheese!

For thrill seekers only. And the curious.
Tsuru Beef Bun
Tsuru's beef buns, unfortunately, are very dissappointing. The flavour is average at best, especially at 8 dollars per bun which is a giant rip. I was under the impression, at the moment of buying it, that two would be offered for 8 because that's the usual asking price. Silly me.

Add caption
My spirits were definitely brought up with some burgers at the burger parlour. Small as they were, they were definitely packing loads of flavour especially from the jalapeno mayo from the Sausy Sisters.

And definitely from Rachel's yoghurt. I mean free yoghurt aside, (2 tubs just for signing up to a competition) with a competition and a fancy space to boot, they were definitely the hot favourite of the day. 

Big smiles all round from the Rachel's yoghurt stand!
The yoghurt itself? Very convenient in a nutshell. Great flavours with the use of quality ingredients like real vanilla beans and fruit. Spoon under the lid and you're ready to go. They've converted me.

Have you got any cheese? Then cheese me up woman! (Simpsons
Hi Andy Allen from Masterchef!
Don't mind if I do?
Always fancied a bit of ant in my sweets
Zumbo Caramel Tart
Steak Tasting plate

Miguel Maestre on the big screen
And this little cow went to the butcher...
It was definitely a great day. All the sights and smells (and tears from the chilli house), it's just such a joy to be in such a cultural hub of culinary delights. There's a lot to try and it's in your best interest to rock up early at say 9 because it crowds so much towards noon that you won't be able to touch your toes without headbutting someone. I look forward to many things next year, like a Zumbo macaron class, a 3 course lunch and crying my way through another spoonful of chilli because I'm an adrenaline junkie. Until next year!

Petit4s and guest attended Good Food and Wine Show courtesy of Isabelle Michelle of Play Communications and Rachel's Yoghurt.

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