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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog


Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pilu at Freshwater, Freshwater

A couple of days ago, a nice little drive north of the city with my friend brings us past Spit Bridge and on towards Pilu at Freshwater. Prized for its strict adherence to head chef Giovanni Pilu's Sardinian origins, we're keen for the nice deviation from the guilty blind carb load that other Italian eateries usually present. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

City Hotel, CBD

Thursday night sees me attend a 10 dollar for every main special, open to the public, at City Hotel featuring their revamped menu.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Grill'D, CBD

I've been on a burger craze of late. I'll begin this post with one of my favorites quotes of How I Met Your Mother:

"    Marshall: Just a Burger? Just a burger. Robin, it's so much more than "just a burger." I mean...that first bite—oh, what heaven that first bite is. The bun, like a sesame freckled breast of an angel, resting gently on the ketchup and mustard below, flavors mingling in a seductive pas de deux. And then...a pickle! The most playful little pickle! Then a slice of tomato, a leaf of lettuce and a...a patty of ground beef so exquisite, swirling in your mouth, breaking apart, and combining again in a fugue of sweets and savor so delightful. This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread, Robin. This is God, speaking to us in food.
Lily: And you got our wedding vows off the Internet!?    "

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lorraine's Patisserie Part 2, CBD

Quick post this week. As you know, big fan of Lorraine's Patisserie down Wynyard and I've been there a couple of times before. Her cheesecake there is probably the best cheesecake I've eaten in Australia. You may have recognised it as being part of Neil Perry's Rockpool menu since 1984. The original is still currently being served out as part of their two-four course tasting at night (100-$155). If you were to divide the pricing with the amount of courses (which you obviously can't), I'd imagine it would cost a fair bit at Rockpool. Needless to say, her elusive famous date tart has a cult following and many others swooning. Elusive because at Lorraine's, she only makes 2 in one batch and only ever makes them once in a blue moon.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Momofuku Seiōbo, Pyrmont

You know the drill. Or at least have heard of it. Many a time has it been remembered and revised by keen diners before me. Make an account through the Momofuku Seiobo website the night before. Write all your credit card details and booking details somewhere the night before. Wake up at 9:50 with the aid of 3 alarms going off simultaneously. Turn your computer on. Log in by 9:58 Momofuku time. Frantically press refresh until the word enter becomes available. Don't panic, you're nearly there. Pray some early bird hasn't gotten your time slot mere seconds before. Input all your details in as precisely as you can within the time frame. Phew. Job done. Grab a towel and bucket to drench all your sweat and tears. Go back to sleep. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Veggie Patch Van, Camperdown

Meat is a beautiful thing. All my favourite dishes (with the exclusion of cheese plates and desserts) include some form of meat on it. I eat so much of it that I thought I should go vegetarian for a while due to possible health problems in the future and to reduce my carbon foot print a little. Little known fact. I was vegetarian for a while last year and eventually I got used to it and you come out a lot healthier. Needless to say throughout the three months, I had a couple of cheat days (three to be specific) but I think I'm going to try again next year.

No, we aren't the most amazing gastronomes or chefs. Heck, half our team doesn't even know how to cook... well. However, what we really love is eating. And lots of it. We enjoy that occasional freebie, filling up that craving for a midnight snack and finding a 20 in our pockets that we thought we never had, and using that as an excuse to go out eating. As we battle the ongoing war on uni student poverty, we'll bring you the most swoon worthy recounts of our latest foodie adventures.