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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog


Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Monday, 30 June 2014

Good Food and Wine Show, Auburn

A mostly picture post today. Food festivals are always big things in the year to me. It's a great opportunity to try new and often unique products from providores and it's always exciting to meet the people behind such products. A month out and I already have my agenda set out. Rachel's yoghurt. And cheese, cheese, cheese. And cheese!

For thrill seekers only. And the curious.
Tsuru Beef Bun
Tsuru's beef buns, unfortunately, are very dissappointing. The flavour is average at best, especially at 8 dollars per bun which is a giant rip. I was under the impression, at the moment of buying it, that two would be offered for 8 because that's the usual asking price. Silly me.

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My spirits were definitely brought up with some burgers at the burger parlour. Small as they were, they were definitely packing loads of flavour especially from the jalapeno mayo from the Sausy Sisters.

And definitely from Rachel's yoghurt. I mean free yoghurt aside, (2 tubs just for signing up to a competition) with a competition and a fancy space to boot, they were definitely the hot favourite of the day. 

Big smiles all round from the Rachel's yoghurt stand!
The yoghurt itself? Very convenient in a nutshell. Great flavours with the use of quality ingredients like real vanilla beans and fruit. Spoon under the lid and you're ready to go. They've converted me.

Have you got any cheese? Then cheese me up woman! (Simpsons
Hi Andy Allen from Masterchef!
Don't mind if I do?
Always fancied a bit of ant in my sweets
Zumbo Caramel Tart
Steak Tasting plate

Miguel Maestre on the big screen
And this little cow went to the butcher...
It was definitely a great day. All the sights and smells (and tears from the chilli house), it's just such a joy to be in such a cultural hub of culinary delights. There's a lot to try and it's in your best interest to rock up early at say 9 because it crowds so much towards noon that you won't be able to touch your toes without headbutting someone. I look forward to many things next year, like a Zumbo macaron class, a 3 course lunch and crying my way through another spoonful of chilli because I'm an adrenaline junkie. Until next year!

Petit4s and guest attended Good Food and Wine Show courtesy of Isabelle Michelle of Play Communications and Rachel's Yoghurt.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hai Au Lang Nuong, Canley Vale

Vietnamese food is probably one of my least preferred dishes. Don't get me wrong: there's nothing more that I prefer than a steaming bowl of Pho or crispy chicken on a cold winter's morning but with the whole freshness and wholesomeness and the herbs and the rawness. I love it but there's other cuisines I like more. Blasphemy you declare! Well, it's not my thing as much as Spanish or American.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wooden Spoon, Cremore

Put your hands up if you've ever been invited to event and arrived a DAY early? Oooooh me me! Pick pick me. Yes that's right, that was me to this event. The incredibly affable owner Livia Wang invited me a couple of days ago for a tasting and I arrive a day early. Not a minute early. Not an hour early. But a day. Great start.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lil Darlin', Surry Hills

Now I'm not usually one to frequent bars. Gastro pubs yes, fine diners yes, Asian restaurants yes but not bars. But when an invitation arises to try out a new place promoted by Simon Hancock (especially after the Crane 1st birthday extravaganza), you can't just say no. I must apologize. I've been on a little hiatus (3 weeks infact) but I haven't forgotten all my readers! I'm on my final year of uni (B.ed) now and on my work placement so I've got 28 little rugrats to take care of. Busy busy.

No, we aren't the most amazing gastronomes or chefs. Heck, half our team doesn't even know how to cook... well. However, what we really love is eating. And lots of it. We enjoy that occasional freebie, filling up that craving for a midnight snack and finding a 20 in our pockets that we thought we never had, and using that as an excuse to go out eating. As we battle the ongoing war on uni student poverty, we'll bring you the most swoon worthy recounts of our latest foodie adventures.