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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Singapore Shiok Truck, Circular Quay

I've made it no secret how high up I hold the EatArtTruck concept. Korean flavours Americanised is absolutely delectable. Their shichimi chicken wings have to be one of the best things ever in existence. Having visited Singapore only mere weeks ago, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when EatArtTruck announced it would be transforming itself into Singapore Shiok Truck serving out Singaporean hawker market-styled snacks at the same price. 

The truck temporarily features Audra Morrice developed recipes. It seems the best choice; her being an ex-Singaporean resident and a 2012 masterchef finalist. She's out there dragging in droves on the day I went with her affable nature and smile that rivals even the Sydney Harbour bridge metres away from her.

There are heaps of people on the day, needless to say during CBD lunchtime peak hour. It quietens down closer towards 2 pm where the crowd disperses because workers have to ... well work.

Owner, Stuart Mcgill and his team are out there under the pump dishing out round after round of food served on cool wooden plates to satisfy the hungry crowds. Needless to say, they've transformed the truck's art, as they always do, to a colourful Singapore Shiok mural.

Shiok is a colloquial word in Singaporean English, or more accurately Singlish as they like to put it, that's uttered to signify extreme enjoyment.

The cuts were all miscellaneous sizes but I didn't really care. I've never had one before. It was difficult to eat as it falls apart easily but certainly a delicious bite, each wrap packing loads of julienne vegetables, a bit of prawns and pork in the form of belly and lap cheong.

Katong Laksa
The laksa I had was a bit unusual, it could do with a lot of coconut cream to slightly water it down because lacking it made the flavours more intense but almost overwhelming and it was missing some of that necessary soup. I coughed a few times after the first bite but you get used to it. The noodles were could do with a couple of seconds less in the boiler and were a tad overcooked. In retrospect I may have left the noodles to soak a little longer than recommended explaining both things.

Sambal Stingray in banana leaf
Stingray was quite interesting. Cooked almost perfectly, it has a texture and flavour almost similar to sole with no bones. The sambal was ridiculously good; it's the teensiest bit sour and a little chilli and the fragrant nutty fermentation of the belachan doesn't overpower and only just rounds the flavours together. It didn't look very attractive but it was a really beautiful dish.

Singapore Shiok truck was a very wise marketing strategy by the Singaporean Tourism Board. It aims ask you to go beyond the usual things typical of Singapore and explore more of Singapore or 'get lost and find the real Singapore'. Their slogan is In Singapore, I was living on a diet that consisted of hainanese chicken rice, satay, singapore chilli crab, copious amounts of ice cold kopi, the occasional roti and rarely anything besides that. In discovering all the food I missed out on, it's hard to imagine myself not being back to Singapore again in the near future.

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great post! absolutely love singaporean food and havent had popiah in aaaaaages!

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