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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Kudos to Warren Turnbull (the Mastermind behind Assiette, District Dining, Mexico Food and Liquor and recently Albion St Kitchen) for making the difficult sacrifice and caving into Sydney's mexican and cheap food trends although it's a bit sad to see Assiette and District Dining go. His latest venture sees an area at the back of where Albion St Kitchen is become a burger hot spot, named Chur Burger. The name is possible an homage to his homeland, New Zealand, as well as a reflection of the casual nature of his little eatery.

Their location is great, right behind Albion St Kitchen (the spot where Assiette used to be) and it's only accessible by going through the laneways and not through an actual street. Sort of reminds me of Melbourne's CBD. 

Pot plants filled with chillies, tomato plants that haven't fruited yet, carrots, thyme and rosemary bushes fill the area. I wonder if they actually use it in their burgers...

You order at the front from a very easy to read and simple menu and attempt to find a place to sit on top of high stools.

Beef Burger 10
Wowee, their burgers are really superb. It's a messy eat, but only the best burgers are. Drippings are unavoidable with the juicy thick patty of beef that's all snuggled up in a yellow coat of melted cheese, dressed in a sweet tomato sauce for balance, the slightly piquant taste of mustard and a generous helping of sliced gherkins to cut through it all. I generally don't mind that it's fairly pink in the centre of the burger but I'd imagine that it can be a little offsetting for many other diners. I really hoped they handled their mince with care. 

Just a little qualm, you gotta be careful with your mince guys. During my period of wonderful burger eating bliss, a little rock hard bone nearly took out a tooth of mine.  

Hot Chips with Smoked Chilli Salt 5
Their chips are quite good; mostly crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside and the chilli spice reminds me a little of Red Lea's chips.

Heilala Vanilla Milkshake 7.5
The Heilala vanilla milk shake I had was quite good. You can't see it in the picture but you get a generous amount of vanilla beans with good flavour although it could do with maybe a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream pulsed through it to give it a bit more body and viscosity.

Service is nice and relaxed although the pace could be faster. I suppose it was just the hot day getting to us but there were a fair few people doing bulk take-away orders so I'll give them credit for that. Still early days. Despite this and a few minor inconsistencies aside, Chur Burger is fast becoming my lunch time happy place. I really like it. I can envisage the words 'Chur, Bro' become a cultural phenomenon that's started at this very place. You'd better get down there as soon as possible lest the rest of Surry Hills find out about this place. I fear it may be already too late.

Edit: Due to a recent fire in the kitchen, Albion St kitchen and Chur burger will no longer be in operation until further notice. A severe set back to Sydney's culinary scene. I hope nobody got hurt.

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Dayum that burger looks goooood. Extra icecream through milkshakes never hurt ;) I always prefer thicker milkshakes/ thickshakes because it's so much denser!

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