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Friday, 26 July 2013

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

All the hip people of Surry Hills are slowly converging their way into the newly opened Cafe Devon. They've got a lot of things go for them. For one them, they've managed to coax ex-Guillaume chefs from a fine dining atmosphere into a more casual breakfasty one.

Communal table up front, backyard oasis out the back. It gets pretty loud but it's also comfortable as well. Be wary of the 11:30am-12:00pm weekday food hiatus where nothing comes out of the kitchen.

Two Chicks in Basque 14
You can take the big time chef out of a fine diner but you can't take the fine diner out of the big time chef. 63 degree eggs make multiple appearances here including their two chicks in a basque, complete with swirls of pistou, a dollop of goats cheese and piperade. It's a tad overseasoned as one slice of toast just doesn't do it but 2 slices of toast and it would have been perfect.

Breakfast of Champion 19.5
Breakfast wouldn't be started without some blood sausage happening. The richness is matched well with circles of slightly sweet apple puree and a nice celeriac gratin along with another 63 degree egg.

chips with aioli 6
Get a side of chips there. Don't think, just do it. You won't regret it. They don't look like much but these have to be, by far, the best chips I've ever had. Textbook glass like outer-texture, soft fluffy innards... I never thought I'd be impressed with a basket of chips alone.

Little Lost Bread 16
It's like all the bread toppings I used to have as a child (as well as now) collided together in this one dessert. Get a blood sugar monitor ready cause you're going to need to check it after this. It seems like something you can bang together on a quick Sunday morning but why would you do so when it's so well done here. It's a delicious combo of banana, a slick of Nutella, house made peanut butter ice cream, a rhubarb jelly and nuts all on top of a buttery brioche. It's got banana so I guess it's healthy right...?

Service was spot on and friendly; wanting to get to know you. Breakfast here takes you around the world; drawing heavily from Spanish and French influences and a bit of Asian with a little bit of silly thrown in for good measure. Coffee's are sharp, sugar rushes are guaranteed, chips are textbook, food's exciting. What's not to like?

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Ooh everything looks so yummy! Though that french toast has really caught my eye... Sounds like the perfect flavour combination! Totally with you on the banana :P

I love blood sausage - definitely food for champions!

You'll have to try the little lost bread - dessert for breakfast is also a breakfast of champions ;)

ive seen so many good stuff abt this place cant wait to ttry it out!

Dear Neil,

I have read 3 articles about the Two chicks in Basque now, is there a reason there isn't a price? Breakfast of champion looks good although I dislike savoury and sweet in one dish.

@ ChopinandMysaucepan Nope. Whoops, it's 14 dollars. I've added it on, thanks for letting me know! Yeah I agree; it can be a little iffy have fruits on a savoury dish at times.

The little lost bread is epic! Try the Brioche B.E.L.T. next time!

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