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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Choc Pot, Burwood

I'll be honest, I don't at all dig the entire 'having 50 stores of the same kind within a 20 metre radius' sort of thing. I'm not having a go at them all because I've had one or two good ones but admittedly they're just so wide spread that they get a little sickening; you all know what I mean. The thing that kept entering my mind when I arrived at The Choc Pot was whether it was just some knock-off Max Brenner and that's sadly not a mentality you want to have when trying a new place.

It's a only brief walk from Burwood station but it's a bit out of your way if you're not heading towards the Westfields there which is on the opposite end. It hits you straight away that this isn't some sort of hipster joint. Owners Ash and Deirdre (from a Medicine and Finance background oddly enough...) have adorned this place with top of the line gear, metalic kitchen, a soft colour palette, no pretense and a lot of love. 

Salted Caramel Milk Shake 8
Best milkshake I've had. A caramel shake that actually tastes of caramel and not just a jack load of sugar. Not surprising given that they make the salted caramel themselves. Serving size leaves much to be desired and I'm a little iffy with being asked 8 dollars for is essentially milk but the viscosity is spot on and using fatty jersey milk is just heavenly.

The Choc Pot 12
Their signature 'choc pot' arrives already erupting out of its pot. It's pretty much a fondant; fudgey cake enveloping a saucy centre is an incredibly indulgent dessert. Pair it with some ice cream and acidic strawberries and it's like a sweet and warm hug.

Marshmellow Alps 14
I can't leave without trying some of their waffles which are made to order and delicately crispy and light. I couldn't tell much of a difference between that and normal premade ones but the HOLY CRAP moment comes as you pop in one of their housemade marshmellows which hits you as an instant heavy and light juxtaposition; pillowy light marshmellows smothered in their Callebaut Belgian chocolate sauce makes for a wickedly addictive combination.

Waffle Bites 25
They also come with the usual waffle, ice cream, strawberry and chocolate dip combo to share. Pair it up with one of their palette loosening tea varieties and it'll feel like you can eat even more. Now to deal with the very much present calorie problem...

To answer the earlier question: Hell no. Not even comparable. For one they make all their things, generally on the same day and sometimes to order. I mean what? Who even does that? It's bloody fantastic and most of the time there's a noticeable delicious difference. Heck the only thing that's not housemade is the ice cream and the fact that they didn't go and milk the cows themselves but when you've got products like the deliciously fatty Jersey milk, why would you get it any other way? 

This isn't just a straight up choc hit; Choc Pot is exactly what happens when you pair great ingredients with an indomitable passion to create. At their (mostly) affordable prices, I'm not quite sure creating everything from scratch is a sustainable model but I know my taste buds and wallets certainly will appreciate it coming back in the future. Watch this space guys.

Petitfours attended this tasting courtesy of Deirdre Tshien from The Choc Pot.

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Salted caramel milkshake! And their waffles do look good!

Argh chocolate and waffles! And a choc pot! All weakness of mine!

oh man, look at that choc pot. Glad that dish really lives up to it's name! wow

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