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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Friday, 7 February 2014

North Bondi Fish, Bondi

Matt Moran's at it again with another seaside eatery. This time it's a fish and chippery down Bondi taking over where the old North Bondi Italian used to be. Conveniently really, with the summer weather being the way it is, I'd imagine people will be flocking to the beaches.

Fine diner it is not. Think fish cafe here, as casual and relaxed as you can get with a bit of ocean memorabilia thrown in. 

Rush right in to grab a chair by the balcony and you won't regret it. Sit back, sea breeze coming in on a mild day and enjoy the ambience.

Lychee and Thai Basil 6
Homemade sodas hit the spot on a hot day. Lychee flavours the basil infused drink without a green basil in sight.

Oysters natural 3.5
Sydney rock oysters get served on flat sheets of ice which get big ticks. Deckside, served with a bit of lemon and I'd imagine it doesn't really get any better.

Fish Fingers 18
Snacks of fish fingers are just how they should be, crispy outside, nice fish in the inside served with a bit of chunky tartare. Brilliant. But not cheap. 

Garlic Bread 6
Classic garlic toast gets the nod from me, garlic butter soaks right through the bread but it's still crunchy. 

NBF Crumbed Barramundi Burger 19
Fish burger reminds me of a really jacked up fillet-o-fish. The fish is firmer and delicious, crumbed well, the baps (thankfully) don't have a texture homogeneous to the patty and pickled onions really liven up the pallet. For future reference, the Fish Shop's offering is easily the best I've had. 

Petuna Salmon Fillet 28
A bit ho-hum but the flavours are really clean and fresh. The salmon was cooked marvelously; flaking and ultra tender but juicy with subtle grill marks. Still, it's missing something. Perhaps a bit of goats cheese will really get it going. And definitely some crispy skin.

Fresh Berry Ice Cream Sundae 14
Finish off with a round of their sundaes which are uber refreshing, light and just plain delicious. Our berry one features a vanilla bean ice cream and strawberry sorbet, raspberry coullis, sesame tuille and ripe berries. 

Again I'm I really don't get what's with the urbanspoon rating. Maybe I'm just hitting it lucky every time. Prices are definitely premium but so is the location and the food's pretty decent. Still, I'm happy as a... chappy...?   

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Food looks great and I love the idea of lychee with basil soda.The sundae looks so bright and refreshing!

Fresh berries and icecream always results in a yummy dessert :D

looks like a great place to chillax on the weekend, that sundae looks incredible!

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