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Friday, 14 February 2014

Two Sticks, Haymarket

Two Sticks has been under construction for a while tempting passers by but now it's opened smack bang in the centre of the CBD expect half an hour crowds. What it promises are Yunnan styled foods located in a fresh and colour vibrant albeit cramped setting.

Dai Style Enoki Salad 3.8
It's the assortment of little salads that get me excited the most from the wonderfully elastic enoki mushrooms drenched in a fresh and chilli dressing.

Hot and Numbing Cucumber 3.8
Also great are the cucumbers thick with sesame oil flavour and lashings of chilli to warm up the spirits.

Two Flavour White Cut Chicken 4.8
The chicken is fantastically juicy thanks to expert poaching and a concoction of chilli sauce and garlicy shallot oil.

Yunnan Style Rice Noodle Soup 11.8
Noodles come in clay pots with an assortment of raw chicken and beef, chives and bean sprouts. It's rich and hearty but has that lingering pork intestine sort of smell and taste so if that's not your thing, definitely avoid it.

Yunnan Potato Risotto 12.8
The fried rice was much more successful with the family. It's oily and rich but full of flavour. The bottom layer of rice has slightly caught on to the pot giving this really caramelized layer of super delicious gnarly rice.

Yunnan Signature Fries 3.8
Chips had the same thing going on, surprisingly crisp, sticky and scrumptious but sadly over-seasoning makes you stop after the 6th chip.

Two Sticks is the sort of place real traditional Chinese people crave, down to the food and crockery. It's oily, coriander laiden, slightly chilli and just really warm. And it's exactly what Sydney needs. 

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Crunchy rice bottom cannot be beaten!

Dear Neil,

These prices are cheaper than a food court and I get a little hesitant when new Chinese restaurants are so cheap. The chicken looks good though. Is that a cold dish?

@ ChopinandMysaucepan. It is indeed cold dish. They were pretty cheap and you would be inclined to question it but if you're a lover of really authentic Yunnan style food, look no further.

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