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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio, South Yarra, Melbourne

Burch and Purchese is the other Melbourne-based Masterchef-famous pattiserie on South Yarra. It's a must visit for any sweet tooth in Melbourne, let alone the area.

There are a few sculptures lovingly made entirely with chocolate. I asked the kind service lady whether they were edible to which she replied sure but they were a couple of months old. Good point... although if nobody was looking... 

The kitchen's open towards the back where you can see owner Darren Purchese work his magic. Speaking of which, he is a decorating genius. 

Everything, especially the bigger cakes, look so ethereal from the little twirls and garnishes that are just right to the perfectly geometical shapes. You can just sit here for hours admiring the beauty of it all. 

Rasp & milk choc mousse/ raspberry custard/ raspberry compote/ explosive milk choc chip cookie crumb/ exaggerated raspberry cream/ raspberry marshmallow/ milk chocolate mirror glaze
My photos don't do these cakes any justice at all. Being B & P's specialty, they're all ingeniously portioned into little test tubes for easier transportation. Explosive raspberry milk chocolate features at least 8 different components to which I am not even remotely able to fathom. It's a perfect match what with the raspberries sourness slicing through the heaviness of the chocolate mousse and each component has a very distinctive texture.

passion fruit pav/ fresh mango & passion fruit/ passion fruit curd/ fresh raspberries/ raspberry marshmallow/ mango & white chocolate mousse velvet sprayed green & gold/ Laurent Perrier Champagne jelly
Australia Day Pav also features 8 components, each one with the same mouth tingling texture assortment. It's fresh and light with none of that mouth jarring over sweetness. It's like a summer salad and meringue brought together in a stunning little bite.

They're one of the rare patisseries I've been to that actually offer decent-sized samples as you immediately enter. Talk about hospitality. That has to tell you something about what they're like. Their sweets are oodles of fun and such a visual treat that it feels hard to just actually dig into one. Hell if only they did deliveries to Sydney...

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i love burch and purchese and yes definitely appreciate the generous samples too!

The salted caramel jar was a jar full of deliciousness! :D

Wow I'm sad we don't have any of this in Sydney :(

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