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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Raramen, Boxhill, Melbourne

I love ramen. I also love Raramen. I'm in Melbourne every year and every time I'm there you'll find me at Raramen. In a place all about quantity over quality this place still manages to always pull out delicious food regardless.

It's a Taiwanese eatery of sorts, featuring the usual likes of dumplings and all manner of noodle soups. You make yourself seated, recall your table number and order at the front. It's a system that places efficiency over service but prices are cheap enough that you won't care.

Hot and Sour Soup 4
Hot and sour 'suan la tang' was sadly served luke warm at best but still managed to be fiery enough thanks to the decent amount of spice and chilli in it. It's thick and comforting and yet manages to slap your tastebuds around to the far corners of the earth thanks to the tried and true combination of hot and sour.

Stewed Beef Noodle Soup 9.5
If Raramen is the place I always visit in Melbourne, this is the dish I always eat. Whilst not even remotely the Japanese ramen you expect, this Taiwanese beef noodle, complete with broccoli and bite sized hunks of deliciously fatty beef brisket in a steamy beef soup, never fails to exhibit that same heartwarming feeling. 

It's more in keeping chinese words 'Ra-mian' which means noodles that are hand pulled. Entirely accurate given these noodles are made to order by a woman at the front who's entirely committed to the art of noodle pulling.

Seaweed Salad 4.5
Fresh salad is requisite, y'know to be all healthy n'dat. That was too many made-up abbreviations in one sentence... what is happening to me? It's completely fresh and appetizing thanks mostly to the strong nutty sesame oil flavour and the lack of polarising ingredients like... coriander. 

Fried Beef Dumpling 8.5
Beef dumplings come in this almost artificially orangey hue but I'm not turned off in even the slightest. Pan fried on the bottom, they're crisp with soft and tender innards; these little morsels are a must order.

Fried Pork Steam Bun 6.5
Most of the pan-fried pork buns manage to arrive to us burst and not at all crispy so that's a big sad face. They're still juicy but there's nothing quite like the sensation of bursting apart your own one and watching all the soup spill.

Raramen. Is it their free self-serve slushees, tea and red bean soup? Is it the completely unctuous beef noodle soup with hand pulled noodles? Rapid delivery of cheap, hearty and generously portioned food? Mysteries of the world. But one thing I am certain about is it's a winning formula, one that manages to lure me back time and time again.

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The skin of the beef dumplings actually looks very appetising to me LOL

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