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Petit Fours: a Sydney food blog

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Huxtaburger, CBD, Melbourne

Yep I'm in Melbourne now. I'm in Melbourne nearly every year actually. But I never actually go on food adventures besides now. People just really don't trust my sense of direction. Huxtaburger is the casual offspring of the hugely successful Huxtable by Daniel Wilson and has since . It's pretty much a burger and beer affair so don't come in expecting neatly plated up morsels of food.

It's decked out like your old-school sort of milk bar, complete with the whole ensemble of neon pink coca cola signs and 80's advertisements.

Huxtaburger 9
Their burgers here are really something else. No exaggeration here. The secret here is they just simply butter their buns before grilling them which results in an utterly mouthwatering contrast between a moist sauced-up patty and crispy bun. The constructions right; nothing besides fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheese. Why don't people do this more often. 

Denise - The Hot One 10
Pretty much the same with jalapenos which give it a little kick. I needed a bit more jalapenos in mine but besides that it was still the same eyes-roll-behind-your-head sort of good.

Rudy - For The Kids 5
And the mini version for kids/ Asian parents who don't like western food.

Chipotle Fries 3
People have complained about the chips here being so-so and it's hard not to agree. Chipotle has a bit more of a kick for your average joe but nothing a seasoned veteran (heh heh, I'll be eating my words in this year's el loco challenge soon enough) couldn't handle. I suppose they aren't too much more expensive than your average fast-food ones so not too many complaints here.

Again, if you're thinking this is just you average burger joint. Not even. I mean sure it's just about the burger here but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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i love the burgers here, super juicy! have you tried the burgers from rockwell and sons?

@chocolatesuze No I haven't unfortuntately! From the looks of it, it does sound promising. Will have to ask you for Melbourne advice the next time round.

Them burgers! I need one NOW!!!

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