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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills


Reuben Hills has been quite a popular café of late; boasting an modern industrialised two storey fit out along with a coffee roastry on the top floor and of course their signature Reuben sandwich made down below. 

Caramel Shake 6.5
Although coffee was their speciality, I opted instead for their shake after knowing I was going to be assignmenting later on that night and didn't want to be buzz crashing. It turns out it was the right choice. The caramel shake wasn't as sweet as one would think with bitter undertones that made it quite delicious. In drinking all the milk, what's left over is the residue froth that was gorgeously thick yet airy, almost between the consistency of ice cream and whipped cream and it only made it even better.

Iced Latte 5
L's iced coffee proved to be even more bitter much to my dismay because I love my coffee black and bitter and would of love to have the whole drink to myself. I definitely have to go back for their coffee.

Chicken Burger
A heavily thyme infused chicken patty was slapped down with a crusty brioche with the pickled salad. Very difficult to eat but well worth the trouble.

the Not REUBEN- wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, melted manchego, horseradish cream 15  
My Reuben had a wagyu that didn't quite have the melting fattiness that you would associate with it, however the cheese and cream would surely make your carotid artery go crazy. It get's even better when you clamp down on with your hands and the mayo just seeps through the holes of the rye. It's balanced out quite well with the tang of the pickled slaw along with the surprising neutrality of the radishes.

Doggs breakfast - Ice cream 'sandwich' with salted caramel 9 
As appealing as the Dog's Breakfast sounds... not, I couldn't leave without something sweet. Very simple, the caramel looked incredibly sweet but again, the slight bittery saltiness tempers it out. It goes really well with the slightly more neutral vanilla ice cream and the thick brownie sandwich.

I've been to quite a few cafés around Surry Hills and Reuben Hills is a bit more expensive then the rest of them, but something keeps the crowds coming back and it certainly can't only be the caramel, as good as it is. The food is well made and the service is quite decent and a return visit is certainly in the works to try their coffee. 

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the chicken burger looks huge!!
it does look difficult to eat :P

Great post.have much space and the reason that there are many customers are visiting there.

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