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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Taste the Chase, Chatswood

Thank you to Jocelyn from magenta for inviting me to cover the Taste the Chase. It was a bit disorganised with the whole interview dilemma but we did manage to happily get there in the end. 

Taste the Chase was an event that showcased a few cooking demos from some very note worthy chefs to the greater public at Chase shopping centre in Chatswood just down the road from Westfields. Over the 4 day time period, you will may have seen the bubbly Justine Schofield, the fiery Miguel Maestre and the always humorous Alvin Quach. I am avid watchers of all of them but unfortunately I was only free during Justine's stint but the trip was certainly worth it.

Chilli Cheese Steak Sandwiches with Cabbage Salad
Justine proves incredibly delightful and humorous. Her artful, classic technique is evidently there -Justine produced a delicious steak slider rippling with french technique and little hits of asian flavours

Caramelised Apples with Crepes
I didn't get to eat these but they look just as scrumptious

The next segment of this post is the interview. Yes I realise the questions are a little superficial but it is my first time and I hope you get out of it as much as I did.

1. Who inspired your love of cooking?
My mum and Grandmother are my biggest inspiration. Mum is French so she has taught me everything there is to know about classic French cooking. I also was always mad about cookbooks when growing up and would get into  a lot of trouble at school as I'd prefer to read them then Shakespeare in English class!

2. It's quite apparent that you love anything french, what is your second favourite cuisine?
That would have to Italian. From a basic ragu to rolling pasta, I love the everything about it's simplicity. After a recent trip to Italy with a friend and learning more about the art of Italian cooking I am now even more inspired. The regionality of Italian food is so important and so different… there is always something new to eat in every corner of Italy and it not just about pizza and gelato!

3. What's the best thing about being a chef?
Well I’m not a chef yet. I'm a cook as I do not have the qualifications a chef has.  
As a cook I love the creativity of cooking. I love how amazing flavour can be extracted from the most simple of things. I love how you never stop learning when you are cook and I love the look on my guests face when they enjoy my meals. Nothing beats that!

4. Most favourite ingredient?
 Tough one because there are so many. If I have to choose one I'd have to say cheese.

5. How about if you were stranded on an island for 3 months and you only had 3 ingredients with you. Would cheese be so appealing then?
Hmmm maybe not. If that was the case then I'd choose something that was filling. Lets say rice, fish, bananas??!
6. Least favourite ingredient?
Anything that has been over processed!

7. You've spent a few months in masterchef. What was your most dreaded challenge?
In MasterChef All Stars recently that would have to have been cooking against the chef. i was terrified but ended up doing an ok job. 

8. Favourite restaurant in Sydney?
The Bridge Room and Marque Restaurant by Mark Best. I also love Three Blue Ducks and Kitchen by Mike for something a little more casual. 

9. If you weren't a cook, what would you be?
That i am unsure of. Something to do with the outdoors or nature driven job. 
10. Adriano Zumbo: Describe him in 3 words.
The Wizard, humble, creative 
11. Can we expect a french bistro opening in the future?
That has always been my dream. And one day I would love to do… I will do this!  But opening a restaurant is not as easy as people think. It is a very large commitment and investment.
At the moment I am lucky enough to have my own TV show called Everyday Gourmet, Ch10 so I am concentrating on this at the moment and my small catering business.
12. What will it be called?
When my mum first came to Australia, mum and dad opening a little French bistro in Bowral called La Popote. I love the name so I think I'll use that.

One of Justine's many adoring fans asking for an autograph!
13. Our readers would love to know this, with all the slow roasts, butter, carbs etc., how do you manage to stay looking so fantastic?
Oh you are very kind. Definitely not that fantastic but thank you anyway what a complement!

I wouldn't say it's quite a festival but it was a lot of fun and I did learn a few things like the type of flour does affect the viscosity of the batter of crepes. In the end it was just really nice being in that cooking demo environment, learning more about Justine and learning all things food related.

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