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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Jumbo Seafood, Riversie - Singapore

When I touched down on Singapore's shores, I only had one thing in mind. Sure shopping's nice (not) and the gardens are really spectacular, the Chinese food is cheap and delicious but if there's a national dish of Singapore, it would be their Singapore Chilli Crab. I've had dreams about their crab and I've never even eaten it before. Pictures were also taken with my Ipod, forgive me, guess I was just under the impression that my camera had infinite battery.

We were meant to go to Geylang (Singapore's red light district/central business district, odd combination I know and even more unusual place to find recommended food...) for some crab under the suggestion of a taxi driver but we took a slight detour under the recommendation of another taxi driver. We ended up at Jumbo Seafood, a franchise littered around the coasts of Singapore so called as 'the big name in seafood' with crab being their specialty. I think I'm thankful for that.

When you're packing on some bibs, you know you're in for some serious crab eating. It doesn't come cheap where the cheapest per kilo for mud crab you'll find is at S$40 a kilo. Maybe I wasn't looking at the right places but we did visit a fair few. What we do for crab... Our set menu for four came to a total of around S$208 which is probably on the pricier end but you do get what you pay for. Located ocean side a few minutes from our hotel at Clarke Quay, it reveals the animated nightlife of Singapore. Inside it's like any other Asian diner typified by the water tanks filled to the brim with live prawns, lobsters, mud crabs and fish.

Stir Fried Asparagus with XO sauce
But before our long awaited crab, there's a little teasing going on in the form of appetisers. We begin with asparagus with a XO sauce. Whilst not even remotely the best (still belongs to Billy Kwong's Biodynamic eggs with house XO in my view), the XO had decent flavour.

Steamed Cod Fish with Diced Chilli
The cod was cooked marvellously; it was delightfully soft without being mushy loaded up with an almost similar topping to the asparagus in a garlicy, chilli composition and topped with coriander and shallots for freshness.

Boston Lobster
Boston lobster next. Yep lobster then crab. We were really spoilt that night. The sweet lobster was cooked almost to tender perfection, with only the slightest bit of resistance, swimming in a puddle of rich garlicy sauce. It could do with a bit more of lacking acidity though. Wedge of lemon wouldn't go amiss. All the while, it's hard not to think it's only to prepare you for the crab feasting up ahead.

Chilli Crab
I've used this same sentence before but it applies now more than ever: it's all sorts of crazy deliciousness. It's nutty, sweet and slightly sour, rich and thick, salty, eggy, spicy, chilli and homey. It is just sensational. The crab isn't the hero here, oh no, not even close. It's the sauce that the crab is bathing in. They should jar this stuff and sell it. This is what dreams taste like. I don't think it was insanely spicy so fear not, I was blissfully ladling the sauce onto my rice without a second though.

Supreme Fried Rice
Their supreme fried rice, although having a small bit flavour of its own from the egg and bits of prawn, felt a bit lifeless and bland. However, provided the perfect medium to savour the crab and gravy. 

Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo
Mango pudding was the perfect ending to soothe the palate. It was light, had the right amount of sweetness and a welcoming refreshing coolness.

If there's one thing I'm going back to Singapore for, it's their Singapore Chilli Crab. Where am I having the mud crab you ask? At Jumbo; tourists know it, locals know it, they cook a mean crab with a cracking Singaporean style gravy. This will be my fondest memory yet.

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I had the most amazing experience at jumbo's. their chilli crab just blew me away, and even those sweet buns were amazing. I need to plan a trip back just so I can get my hands on this dish again!

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