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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

Kepos St kitchen is where we're at the last weekend, hailed for its authentic take on middle eastern breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be prepare for the unconventional here, well as opposed to poached eggs and toast that typifies surrounding hip cafes. 

You'll see the likes of falafel, which makes multiple appearances, as well as hummus and tabouli (of course), tahini and harissa. It's situated in the corner of Phillip and Kepos street and bathes in the warm sun by day. Patrons line up and have their names put on a list, by which they're free to roam around to be called back to the restaurant when a table's ready. Still... good luck getting a table. Even by late afternoon and even before they got their chefs hat, Kepos Street Kitchen is Redfern's worst kept secret. There's much competition for the next table even as lunch service is about to end.

soy latte 3.5
Coffee here is mild and smooth although mild isn't particularly how I like my coffees and it's not really packing that caffeine hit of flavour.

tunisian style seared yellow fin tuna, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, egg, potato and harissa dressing 19
The potential of the middle eastern concept is full realised here. It's a bowl filled to the brim with goodness of soft egg, potato, crunchy cucumber, tomato, eggplant and topped with seared tuna. It's missing a bit of that expected chilli kick from the harissa and it's more of a mild hum than anything else but looking around it's quite a popular dish and it's not hard to see why.

falafel, hummus, tabouleh, mint, schiacciata bread 16
Falafel sandwich is a hard eat but worth it with its slightly more crunchier falafel and nutty hummus. It comes with a side of chips which it doesn't mention by they're nice and crispy.

Service was a little more steely and stoic than I would have liked but the food more than makes up for it. It's definitely worthy of a visit, particularly if you're looking for something different.

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That bowl is just overflowing with goodies! It definitely sounds yum :D

That yellow fin tuna looks perfectly seared! And lol I can imagine that falafel sandwich would be very difficult to eat without dislocating your jaw!

I really need to make my way here, hopefully sooner rather than later. And how massive is that falafel sandwich? I'd have to deconstruct it to eat it!

the seared tuna looks so good! i was there for breakfast and opted for the shashuka eggs and i was severely disappointed. it tasted so bland despite the aromas and aesthetics :( and the tahini sauce was off putting. sigh, i've got to try the lunch options though

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