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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Memphis Wings, Casula

About to get a heart attack and a half everyone. As with nearly all things American, dieters need not apply themselves here. Memphis Wings are bringing their little slice of Americana down to Casula and it seems like the word is out.

Located at Casula Crossroads (the location for the second Costco in NSW), it's a nice little drive away for me and I can really see the place filling up in the coming months. It's loud, hot and open with flies buzzing around everywhere but their top 50 1950-80's classics really give this place character. 

6 Wings 9
Wings are a bit of a let down here. Just pretty much sour and salty and I suppose I was expecting more from peri peri. The accompanying curly fries are pretty amazing but. They're super crispy and fun to play with at the same time. I think I'll hit the chipotle next time round.

Full Beef Ribs 26.5
The ribs here are really amazing. All wonderfully gnarly and smoky from the 4 hour smoking process and soft and tender from the 17 hour slow cooked process; they're finger licking good without being too sickening or fatty.

Beef Brisket Burger Meal (with curly fries, corn and drink) 14
We get their brisket burger which is packed with juicy soft slow cooked beef chunks. It's ridiculously tender and packed with slaw and mayo which makes it super unctuous and tasty.

Original Philly 8.5
Their philly subs are quite popular here with super tender beef slices and soft bread. It's livened up with a squeeze of their almost artificially yellow sauce which is really addictive.

Quesadilla 8.5
The quesadilla also packs their yellow cheese sauce but some melted cheese instead to bind it all together would have been better. We get ours filled with tender chicken and salsa which really hits the spot. It would have bee nice if they were cut but.

Slamming ribs and philly subs are where it's at in Memphis Wings. It's pretty much a one dimensional sort of food: the unctuous and smoky American kind. If you follow Man versus Food like I do, that's pretty much what you've got here and that's bloody amazing.

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yes the ribs and actually all the meats are so well cooked here - packed with flavour and oh so tender! glad you made the visit.. although now i bet they'll be increasingly popular with costco just opening. could it draw in a bigger crowd than it already does?

Shame about the wings but the ribs and the brisket sound awesome!

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