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Friday, 2 May 2014

Three Williams, Redfern

Yes yes yes. I'm late to the party. Three Williams. Now that is a name that's rung a couple of bells. Especially amongst the locals of Redfern. Hot off being recently opened, it's been welcomed with much fanfare with social media driving up most of the publicity. 

It's hard to decide on what to get with so many tasty options. Still, not saying it's a good thing at all, but the hype's driven up that you'll have to wait a solid half an hour before a table becomes available.

raspberry and coconut 7
The obligatory juice in a hipster jug starts us off. It's fresh and sweet with enough sourness from the raspberry to give it punch.

fish croquettes with lemon and aioli 3
I only get one fish croquet but boy was it a good one. It helps that they gave an unusually large amount of aioli and it's either better thick with garlicy flavour. We mop the rest of it up with some of the narnie left over.

the merchant: chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, pickled slaw, ranch dressing on a warm brioche bun 13
A wasn't expecting her's to be a burger but it's mouthwatering nevertheless. It's like a breakfast burger of sorts, with the requisite bacon and eggs offset but the surprising appearance of fresh creamy slaw and sour pickles. It's well balanced and definitely a good order for the uninitiated.

glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo 14
The tip starts off slightly dry but as you move in more into the bun, you get into the best bits; all fatty and sweet, sticky and just delicious. There's a bit of relief to be found in the carrot and coriander salad and sandwiched between their signature 'narnie' (a nan-bread sarnie or sandwich), it's utterly delicious.

crunchy brioche french toast, blueberries, yoghurt, roasted pecans and maple syrup 14
Breakfast dessert is their famed crunchy brioche, which is some parts crunchy, some parts fresh thanks to the tart yoghurt and fruits, some parts sweet and all delectable. 

Three Williams is a refreshing change from much of the usual breakfasty affair. Neigh a eggs benedict in sight. Instead it's an assortment of burgers and their narnies to be found. Good things do come in three.  

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That brioche is so amazing isn't it! Love the crunch on the exterior.

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