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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Movida Sydney, Surry Hills

Movida has been a buzzing center point of Sydney's foodie attention of late. Having only recently opened it's doors, a typical booking would most likely promise failure on multiple attempts but like any good thing worth having, it takes a little time. 20 minutes on the phone in fact. Just waiting. 

It's a comforting and casual area with wooden edges dominating the space and in the center of it all is the kitchen, open for the world to see behind windows. 

The tapas there oddly aren't for sharing. Just as well. There are a few joys there that you might not want to share.

Their bread was just house baked that afternoon and a dollar (donated to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation) will see you possibly having multiple servings much the  waitresses slight chagrin.

Anchoa 4.5 each
We begin with the tomato and anchovy, probably Frank Camorra's signature dish of his many. The quivering quinelle of tomato sorbet is easily spreadable to form a cold viscous bed that nicely wraps around a juxtaposition of salty, hand filleted anchovy and crispy wafer. It's a wonderfully textural bite that slowly marries the flavours together in perfect harmony whilst in your mouth. 

Bocata De Buey 8.5 each
We also had a good laugh over the 'rost biff' title but the flavours here were anything but. Seriously jam packed with slight heady garlicy tones and floral notes that accompany a wagyu strip drapped around a hollow baguette that justifies it appearing as such a popular dish.

Ostra 4 each
Remarkably fresh salty briny oyster surprisingly goes quite well with the sweet crunchy pieces of watermelon.

Cigarillo De Queso 5.5 each

The goat's curd cigar arrives highly recommended by our waitress, it's creamy light goat's curd center boosted by the rich tomato sauce that doesn't overwhelm the quince exterior.

Calabacin 9 each
Zucchini felt very summer appropriate so we ordered it and it proved to be a remarkably refreshing mouthful with what felt to be a marriage of Spanish and Asian flavours.

Carrillera 24
Beyond usual tapas that usually characterize Spanish cuisine, there are more substantial dishes actually made for sharing. We go with the highly raved over braised beef and it proves to be a melting success, rich and packing in delicious Pedro Ximenez oomph.

Cecina 19.5
There's an unmatched complexity with only 3 simple components that just hums with pure decadence with the paper thin slice of marbled wagyu, and the oozy egg plopped as the center piece. Our collective favourite dish of the day and maybe one of the my favourite ones this year; it's a definite must have during any trip to Movida.

Patatas Bravas 14
The potatoes were a unfortunate disappointment. The sauce was almost there, as were the interesting use of faux bacon dust but the potatoes were just boring. It seemed to have lost its crisp and crunch despite being nearly immediately eaten.

Conejo Agridulce 26.5
The ridiculously tender rabbit on the other hand was anything but. Rabbit seems to be quite a plain meat but soak it up in all the delicious sweet juices and you've got worthwhile finale.

Our waitress for the night was affectionate, bubbly and warm and she just turned this into a magical evening although the general constant reminders to order the from 'A La Parilla' section as soon as possible can create some unnecessary tension. I wouldn't say it's cheap but it surely is better than the 50 or so one way ticket to Melbourne for the same food. 

I can end with the whole Frank Camorra has taken over the Melbourne Spanish culinary scene and has always been the envy of Sydney-siders sort of line that usually typifies any conversation in the past involving the words 'Movida' or I can just say it's great food. I prefer to delve into the latter. It is evidently brilliant food. This isn't Spanish food as I've come to know it. It's taken on its head, flipped around, exposing and refining the ingredients into exciting forms. I can't help but be a fan.

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