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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cheeky Chocolate, North Strathfield

People get all giddy from eating chocolate, even the thought of it. It's the sort of thing that gets people going. It's an aphrodisiac for lovers, an energy buzz for children, a little pick me up for the depressed, a proven cure for the injured wizard or witch, and a befitting inclusion for the health conscious but most importantly it's almost everyone's favourite flavour. It's little wonder this chocolate café is a welcome opening in the bustling Strathfield area. And with Zumbo at the helm of the menu, the big name has drawn in droves in the past.

Cheeky Chocolate has a quirky vintage, not quite contemporary but olden day luxurious look. A sort of a more a pimped up, stylised Max Brenner with all the trimmings.  

There's a huge display of desserts at the front but we were more here for the sit down experience.

Caramel Thickshake 7.5
The thickshake I ordered came in a ceramic glass, a nice change from the metal cups we're all used to. A deeper caramel flavour was lacking because all I could taste was sweetness but it had a really good consistency.

Will You Pash Or Dash 18
Tasting all the components individually was quite interesting. The toasted white chocolate tasted sadly exactly like a sweet meringue where I was quite surprised as white chocolate is usually quite potent in flavour. On the other hand the candied pineapple was delicious but all together, all the flavours are dominated by the much more powerful chocolate fondant. The passion fruit core was somewhat there but at the same time non existent.

What's Cooking Good Looking 18
The date pudding was by far much more successful. The sweetness was nearly overbearing but it was so comforting all at the same time. 

The service was deceptively aloft from their very laid back personalities but for the most part were very helpful. It seems the hype over a Zumbo started place has died down where the Friday night we were on yielded less than a third of the cafe full. Still the concept is nice and I did enjoy it but it would have to work harder, for the prices they are asking, to distinguish itself from the other chocolaterias popping up around the place.

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I love the idea "Read my Lips or Kiss my Cheeks". Wee i am new in Sydney and will definitely visit this cheeky chocolate cafe to have a coffee. Indian Restaurant

nice posting. thanks for sharing

Before you rush to visit this place, read the reviews on Eatability. We visited today and had to agree with every review since April 2012. It's had a change of management and is seriously out of kilter - for food, service and value for money.

@ nimbims. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I do agree with you and every review since April 2012 on eatability for the most part, particularly on the value for money. The change of management probably explains my mixed experience. I did not know that.

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