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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Jamie's Italian, CBD

Who's got a stack of Jamie Oliver cook books yet only looks at the pictures and never cooks them? Me, sorta. Jamie's the sort of international identity that people would flock in droves just to even taste something under his brand. They've done well taking advantage of a Jamie crazed era with this restaurant but I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner because everyone loves Jamie. Besides health officials and school boards. I mean seriously, Jamie at Home has to be some of the most riveting television I've ever seen.

I just can't help not mention the fit out of the restaurant. It's contemporary and edgy with its lightly industrialised exposed walls, graffiti, abundance of exposed wood and dim lighting. It's raw, vibrant and exciting, just like Jamie Oliver's food. Out the front is a grand chandelier to welcome guests with book shelves stacked to the brim with Oliver memorabilia; eat your heart out Melbourne. It was comforting knowing I wasn't the only person with my camera out with all the Jamie Oliver nutters and all.

4-30 Pm lines
If you were to ask: "How do you know where it is?", I'd reply, it's the place with the huge crowds. One can't also help but mention the seemingly unending queues outside where you can expect an hour and a half wait if you arrive at 8 on a Saturday night. Even at 4-30 in the afternoon could having you waiting at least 20 minutes. 

It was a good thing one of the chefs came down and started talking to us whilst on the pasta machine, time really does fly. Thank you.

Peach and Strawberry Bellini 10 each

They do a wide variety of cocktails here but it's the peach and strawberry bellini, with it's distinct fruitiness that can stand up to the alcohol and was a real winner. 

Italian bread selection (On the house)
It took a while for the bread basket to come out, you really do have to remind them. But it was totally worth it, with all types of breads that went down quickly. A little tip, there's a bit of rosemary oil underneath the basket. Scoop it out with the bread, it's brilliant and woody.

Meat Antipasti 13.5 per head
When curiosity got the better of me and I was about to open one of the cans that found its way onto our table, "Don't open the tomato cans!" exclaimed the waiter. Alright then... Turns out they were meant for the  antipasti plate. The wagyu bresoala was pure salty deliciousness but it was the ball of creamiest neutral mozzerella and the nutty pecorino with sweet chilli sauce that had me in a foodie daze. 

Polenta Chips 8.5

The polenta chips are a must have here, crunchy, soft and smooth dashed with bit of parmesan. I've said it before, cornmeal is the new potato.

Risotto Milanese 14
The risotto came recommended to us and I absolutely adore anything bone marrow but after that was gone, all that was left was a very one dimensional lemony flavour and it didn't quite do it for me.

Casarece Sicilana 10.5 
Quite possibly the dish of the day, the flavours were bold and bang out brilliant. A wonderfully rich tomato sauce with incredible depth of salty, chilli and herby aromas envelops wonderfully cooked pasta. Had me envious that I couldn't have the last spoon.

Fish baked in a bag 28
The fish of the day was a mulloway and it was well cooked. The flavours didn't quite do it for me and although tasty, it was also a little bit bland especially the tomato sauce. It would have been nice to have the bag opened up in front of us so the aromas come out and for a bit of dramatic spectacle.

8 Pm lines, more inside.

As biased as I am to like anything Jamie Oliver, I hate to buck that trend and follow the new common mentality that Jamie's Italian in Sydney is just a meh. But it really is. I come out afterwards enjoying the night but am ultimately unimpressed. I think it's because I expected too much. There was always that sense of the Jamie Oliver generosity but some dishes were hit and misses and service, although friendly and passionate including our waitress from Wisconsin and her distinctive accent, can often be a haphazard of inattentiveness and forgetfulness. Here's to me hoping Jamie will regale his restaurant with his presence and provide it with a greater sense of consistency because I really do want to love this place.

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