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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Max Brenner

Tutti Frutti Waffles for Two

What is it?
Max Brenner is a chocolate cafe. Not a HUGE fan of chocolate like I am? They also serve icy shakes, coffee, tea and a variety of desserts.

Where is it?
There are quite a number of Max Brenner cafes scattered around Sydney - believe me, I've been to most of them. If you're in the city centre then head to Pitt Street. There's a cosy Max Brenner on the lower ground floor of David Jones. Can't find a seat there? Just walk across to Westfields and there's a more spacious cafe on level 6. This one is opened until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays too! If you've been sight-seeing around Circular Quay and The Rocks, walk down George Street and you'll find a Max Brenner on the corner of George Street and Margaret Street. Treat yourself to a coffee or hot chocolate after an adventurous day :)

What is there to do?

  1. Dessert time!
  2. Relax with a coffee, tea or a hot chocolate.
  3. Try some of Max's desserts. The waffles are the best!
  4. Buy a box of pralines or choose from the many gift options for your friend ;)

Max Brenner Giftcard

When is it opened?
Opened 7 days a week.

Lower Ground Floor, David Jones, Elizabeth Street.
Monday-Wednesday 9.30am to 6.30pm
Thursday-Friday 9.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday 9.00am to 6.30pm
Sunday 10.00am to 6.30pm

Level 6, Westfield Shopping Centre, Corner of Pitt St Mall & Market Street.
Sunday-Thursday 9.00am to 10.30pm
Friday-Saturday 9.00am to 12am

Metcentre, 273 George Street NSW 2000.

Monday-Thursday 7.30am to 11.00pm

Friday 7.30am to 12am

Saturday 9.00am to 12am

Sunday 9.00am to 11.00pm

How do I get there?
The nearest station is Town Hall for Max Brenner's in David Jones or Westfields. Wynyard is nearest to the Metcentre. 

Yummy: Tutti Frutti Waffles and the Thick Italian Hot Chocolate. I order this almost every single time.
Not so yummy: I didn't enjoy the Chocolate Souffle. Who knows. Maybe I am just not a fan of souffle.

Tutti Frutti Waffles & Thick Italian Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Souffle
What I Have Tried...

  • Italian Thick Chocolate (Milk) ($6.00) YUM!
  • Italian Thick Chocolate (Dark) ($6.00) 
  • YUM!
  • Chocolate With Crunchy Waffle Balls ($6.00)
  • Cookieshake ($7.60)
  • White Shake ($7.60) (Chocolate is obviously the cafe's speciality. I don't know why you would want to order a fruit shake... but I was feeling adventurous :P)
  • Choc-Banana Pizza ($17.00)
  • Chocolate Souffle ($10.00)
  • Tutti-Frutti Waffle one/two ($14.00/$18.50) 
  • YUM!

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